Pilot projects

Smart Písek

Between 2014 and 2015, the city of Písek launched preparations of a smart city concept. The result of this process was the creation of a concept document, the Blue and Yellow Smart Písek Book, which was unanimously approved at the meeting of the Town Council in late April 2015. The objective of Smart City efforts in Písek are primarily activities associated with resolving the parking situation in the city and a gradual creation of a smart energy grid or an interconnection of cloud technologies with the operation of city systems. Members of the Czech Technical University Association and SmartPlan have been involved in the professional and management aspect of the Smart Písek initiative from the very beginning in collaboration, for example, with the Písek Technology Centre or Schneider Electric.

Electromobile Prague

On 11 April 2011, Prague became the first city in the Central European region to launch its electromobility project – Electromobile Prague. The project has a pilot nature because at that time there was no long-term experience with supporting electric vehicles and related infrastructure in any Czech city.

Representatives of Prague asked all major suppliers of energy in the Czech Republic to combine their efforts in building an infrastructure network of charging stations, resulting in the signing of a Memorandum on a Unified Approach to the Introduction of Electromobility. Tangible results of the project include:

  • testing 17 types of electric vehicles
  • commissioning 11 stations, one of which is a fast charging station
  • 11 city districts tested electric scooters
  • 30,601 kilometres driven while testing
  • total saved amount of CZK 125,443.20
  • 5,169.61 kg of CO2 saved compared to the use of equivalent combustion vehicles during the testing period
  • 6,122 kg of NOx saved compared to the use of equivalent combustion vehicles during the testing period

The continuation of the project seems advisable, particularly considering that a survey implemented as part of the project together with the Czech Chamber of Commerce concluded that up to 70% of all surveyed PRAGUE companies of various sizes are considering the purchase of an electronic vehicle by 2016, with up to 30% planning to purchase one. More than one-half of the surveyed companies own more than 10 vehicles and one-fourth own more than 500.

Information taken from the Report on the Evaluation of the Pilot Project Electromobile Prague, 2012, Prague City Hall